RUA Engineering provides rational engineering, science and technology-based solutions that blend state-of-the-art engineering analyses and project management tools. We are highly proficient in the use and development of state-of-the-art analysis and design techniques and very familiar with the Turkish, American (including military standards) and european codes and standards.

Company offers a wide range of project management and engineering services related to the performance of structures under severe loading conditions. These services include but not limited to;

  • Seismic risk assessments,
  • Structural integrity analysis and evaluation,
  • Structural retrofit and renovation design,
  • Structural failure investigations,
  • Cable Stayed, Suspension, Segmental Post Tension Bridge Design
  • Terrorist threat assessments,
  • Explosion hazards evaluation and the response of structures to blast and impact load conditions,
  • Fire security design
  • Health Monitoring.

Our diverse and comprehensive offerings are a natural extension of our members' achievements and core skills. Among our team members there are licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) from the United States, with advanced degrees and experience in their respective areas of expertise.

The evaluations are performed to identify structural and non-structural deficiencies, determine their significance and prioritize their importance with respect to the integrity of the structure. For the structures found to be structurally deficient for seismic forces and for those required to be blast-resistant, conceptual details along with corresponding opinions of costs are developed to remedy the deficiencies and provide blast protection.

Since its foundation in 2005, we have provided project management and structural engineering services in both international and domestic projects. In all projects, we aim to find the most cost-effective solution, with minimal impact to ongoing operations. RUA Engineering works closely with clients to evaluate all reasonable alternatives prior to selecting a final solution.

Most recently, we have provided design and construction support services for both structural and civil disciplines in a project of U.S Army Corps of Engineers in Constantza, Romania.

In Istanbul, we have retrofitted The Imperial Kitchens of Topkapi Palace, a more than 500 years old historical structure. To be able to understand the behavior of this very precious historical structure, we have conducted geotechnical surveys and examinations as well as non-destrcutive tests on the structural members to come up with the least destructive and most innovative structural retrofitting for the 500 years old masonry historical structure.

We believe that our unique combination of several years of experience in structural design and project management will enable our team to perform at the highest level of excellence in the future projects.

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