two decades of experience, one powerful solution


Rua Engineering is the nationwide distributor of LARSA Structural Analysis and Design Software in Turkey.

The LARSA structural analysis engine has been in commercial use for over 25 years. It was originally developed to perform nonlinear static analysis of structures that have large displacements such as suspension and cable stayed bridges and guyed towers.

LARSA’s latest release, LARSA 2000/4th Dimension, has an all-new, powerful user interface and an engine with unmatched analytical features. LARSA is the first software in its class to offer Sparse Solver technology, which decreased analysis time by a factor of 30.

Analytical features includes;

  • Influence line based moving load analysis
  • Staged construction analysis
  • Time dependent construction analysis
  • Hysteretic and seismic elements, and progressive collapse

LARSA 2000/4D eliminates the need for engineers to use specialized software for each aspect of a project by integrating many analysis types into one comprehensive, multipurpose program.

Soon, this powerful program will be also available with Turkish user interface.