The catastrophic effects of blast loading on buildings have been demonstrated by recent terrorist attacks 
in Istanbul , London, New York, Oklahoma and many other places around the world.

We work closely with clients to identify and understand their explosion hazards and predict the effects of 
explosions. Then, we provide design countermeasures in conjunction with quantified risk assessments to reduce
the risks of personal injury, building damage and business downtime. The design of blast resistant building 
structures and facades requires prediction of the extreme pressure pulses produced by the types of explosive
devices identified in the threat assessment, and the development of structural and facade elements with 
sufficient strength and ductility.

Non-linear charecteristics of blast events are simulated using explicit finite element methods. The detailed 
understanding of the structural response of the blast-resisting elements enables us to design safer and more
economical structures.

We prepare quantified risk assessments and cost reports for a bomb attack with different levels of blast 
protection, enabling building owners and their insurers to select the appropriate level of structural design and
security countermeasures and risks associated with them.